About Us

We love all things related to bathroom design – the planning, the products and most of all, the part of the process where we get to rip everything out and install our beautiful new fixtures! We are DIY addicts – but we’re not always experts.  Sometimes even we need to do some research before tackling a new project.  And though it might take longer than expected, we always get the project done in the end!

Remodeling a bathroom can be a small weekend project or a several-week undertaking, but nothing brings down a bath redo of any size like low quality fixtures.  We launched this blog to highlight the best, worst and sometimes the strangest bathroom products we come across on the web.  Whether its a luxurious soaker tub, an ultra-sleek vanity, an eco-friendly faucet or a Toto toilet that says “Hello” when you enter the bathroom, we’re here to share and tell you all about it!

Found a cool modern bathroom product online?  Send us a link through our Contact page and maybe we’ll feature it in an upcoming post!