Baskets as Bathroom Storage: Hit or Miss?

Baskets as Bathroom Storage: Hit or Miss?

Recently I’ve seen a lot of home decor magazines and posts on Pinterest about using baskets in different ways for DIY bathroom storage solutions.  I love the idea of repurposing objects in a new way and nothing is better than finding an affordable alternative that you can do yourself.

That being said, I’m not sure how I feel about this recent “baskets as bathroom storage” trend.  To me, a lot of these installations look bulky, cheap and unstable.

For example, the main photo for this post.  While I like the black baskets and can appreciate that the blogger over at Simply DIY 2 was excited about the project, the end result just seems a little strange to me.  First of all, the baskets are hung with white craft ribbon, which looks like it could easily untie over time.  It’s also going to get dusty/dirty quickly.  I would have gone with curtain rings, which would be more sturdy and could easily match the metal of the towel bar she used as the anchor.  My main concern, however, is that the baskets hang so far down that the contents look like they’re about to fall out!  I’d be wary of putting anything bottled in there (not that I’d want my toiletries so prominently displayed, either).

Hanging Oval Bathroom BasketHere’s another example of a hung storage basket, found on the website Hammers and High Heels.  The bathroom itself is nicely decorated and the basket has an authentic rustic feel to it.  It’s hung from what appears to be a very sturdy plant hangar, so no worries about the basket falling down (unless that ribbon at the top comes untied).

But let’s talk about size and proportion – this thing is huge!  Compared to the size of the wall, it seems to dominate too much.  And because of the large scale, it’s impractical – while storing a few towels (as shown in the photo) works well, you’d never be able to take advantage of all the storage space and fill up that basket.  The items at the top would start to fall out or the whole thing would come crashing down from the weight.  Take into account the visual mismatch in terms of size, and I think I’ll pass on this one as well.


So can baskets “work” as stylish and functional storage solutions in the bath?

The answer is yes!  Here are a few cases where I found the use of baskets to be both sensible and attractive.

Bathroom Storage Baskets on ShelfFirst up is a basic basket-on-a-shelf installation.  Okay, okay – it’s not an installation, it’s just two baskets sitting on a shelf, holding a few small towels.  Found on the Inspiration for Decoration blog, these storage baskets are both very functional and they look nice!

The color of the baskets matches the wood finish of the shelves and by sitting them flat, there’s no worry that the towels will fall out onto the floor or into the toilet (that wouldn’t be fun).  What’s also nice about this use of baskets is that by laying them flat, you can put unsightly bath products in them and they’ll actually be hidden from guests instead of on display.

I also like how she’s staggered the position of the baskets, one on the left, one on the right, and broken them up visually with other bath accessories.  The result is a put-together look that, while simple, makes complete sense.  Well done!

Baskets Hanging on Bathroom WallNow here is my favorite version of the bathroom storage basket trend.  I wouldn’t  be surprised if this photo, originating from Apartment Therapy, started the whole fad, as it’s the most innovative implementation I’ve seen.

Here the baskets aren’t hanging precariously from a string, they’re actually secured to the wall with nails, flat side to flat surface.  And because they’re not tilted, nothing is going to fall out!  I also like the shape and sizes of these baskets – they have the appearance of a shelf or linen tower the way they are positioned with the largest basket on the bottom and the smallest on top.  The rectangular shape is both practical and visually appealing.

While perfect for towels, I’m not sure this arrangement would be the best for toiletries or other bath accessories, but I can live with that.  I have countertop and under-the-vanity space for those things.  But if flexibility in terms of usage is important to you, I’d go with the previous style – just sit the baskets flat on a shelf or on your vanity counter.

So now that I’ve given you my opinions (which of course are subjective), tell me your thoughts.  Do you like this trend of using baskets for storage in the modern bathroom?  Let me know your opinions in the comments section!