Fresca Energia Orange Bathroom Vanity Review

Fresca Energia Orange Bathroom Vanity Review

Like an artificially-flavored popsicle, this Fresca Energia bath vanity might give you a toothache unless you like bright colors. It’s bold orange finish is sure to get you attention from houseguests, but whether or not that attention is positive really depends on the company you keep.

Fresca Energia Vanity Storage Drawer

The small storage space is organized well

On the plus side, this vanity has a very large sink basin, which means you could actually rinse your face like people do in the commercials and not end up with water all over the floor! And though the storage space isn’t huge, I do especially like that the drawer is partitioned in a clever way. The two wide side compartments are prefect for towels while the narrow sections in the middle will cradle bottles so they don’t fall over when opening and closing the drawer.

On the downside, there’s…well, the color. I am a big fan of orange in modern design, especially when used as a paint color. But this orange is a bit bright for my taste, especially with the matching mirror. If you replaced the mirror with a clean white one instead, I think this could make a fresh, bold statement in the right home. What do you think?