Summer Fun: Dogs in Bathtubs

Summer Fun: Dogs in Bathtubs

So it’s the week after a holiday and the country is is the middle of a heat wave – I think it’s safe to say that everyone could use a little break.  Since our blog is about bathroom remodeling and we often discuss bathtubs, I thought we could have a little summertime fun this week with some photos of dogs in tubs!

As any dog owner can tell you, it’s rare to find a dog that really enjoys bathtime – even dogs who love swimming hide under the nearest bed when they see the dog shampoo and towel come out.  But surprisingly, I found a bunch of adorable photos of dogs seemingly having a good time in the bath on Pinterest (shocking, I know).  Of course, it’s probably just because owners of dogs who hate baths are too busy wrangling their soapy furry beast to have time to take a photo.

But that’s okay, because who doesn’t love cute pictures of dogs?  We can pretend that this post is really about the tubs featured in these photos, but really, we all know the truth.  Enjoy!

Source: via Ling Sian on Pinterest

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

Source: via Eva on Pinterest