Not So Green With Envy

Not So Green With Envy

So I found this photo on Pinterest – which can be a great source of bathroom remodeling inspiration, but not necessarily in this case!  I’m not sure what this homeowner was thinking, but they should probably pick up a few interior design books before undertaking their next remodel.

Green can be a great color in the bathroom, especially when used as an accent color in bath accessories.  And green glass when it comes to countertops can be a cool, clean look – take for example this contemporary espresso vanity:

Ashlyn 63" Double Bathroom Vanity Set - Espresso

Green used in a good way!

But too much green can make one feel a little queasy, and that’s not a sensation I want when I’m trying to clear my head in the shower. Imagine what all this green tile does to your reflection in the mirror! Forget about putting on makeup in this bathroom – no thanks!

What do you think?  Would you ever have this much green in your bathroom?