Time to Talk About Tile

Time to Talk About Tile

Sorry, I love alliteration!  Today’s topic is tile (I did it again!) because lately I keep coming across unusual types of tile in bathrooms on Pinterest.  It’s no secret that there are tons of different bathroom tiles on the market today, made from all sorts of materials in just about every color one can imagine.  But some tile really stands out from the crowd, so this post is dedicated to those brave remodelers who dare to dream big when it comes to tiling their showers or bathroom walls.

Stacked Stone Bathroom TileFirst up, my most traditional pick of the bunch – a stacked stone wall.  Not typically found in bathrooms, it adds not only variation in color, but also depth.

Anything organic looking is in-demand right now, but real stack stone makes a more striking impression than a flattened imitation version.  I love that it can be rustic or contemporary, depending on your choices for the other fixtures.  This bathroom features an otherwise modern style, from the basin sink to the sleek toilet and dark neutral walls.



Mismatched Concrete TileNext is a bathroom featured in a Dwell.com article about the renovation of an old French mill and its surrounding buildings.  When remodeling, the pair decided to make a conscious effort to use recycled and/or upcycled materials whenever possible.

For this bathroom wall, they incorporate leftover ceramic tile from a sister’s project in London.  The slight variation in glazes, sizes and shapes of the subway-like tile created a sunlight-dappled effect that would be difficult to achieve otherwise.  I also like that the mismatched tiles look like they are a bit off-kilter in spots, as if they’ve shifted over time (which makes sense considering the mill was built in 1822).


Monochromatic TileContinuing on the “variation” theme, my next example comes from DesiretoInspire.net and a feature about an interior design team called Atmosphere Interior Design.  They focus on the Hollywood Regency style, which means black, white and accent colors abound!

This bathroom corner shows off a typically monochromatic look.  Small chrome lights, a white plantered plant and two contrasting vases perfectly complement the shades-of-grey wall tile.  The tile itself is a perfect backdrop for just about any decoration, of course, with its stunning size, shape and color variations.  To me, it looks like a black and white movie that was shot in the rain.  Just beautiful!



Black and White Stripe Shower TileFrom monochromatic to a bolder take on black and white!  Whoever selected the tile for this shower wasn’t messing around, that’s for sure.  Not only did they go with a stunning color palette, but they chose to lay out the tiles in a horizontal striped fashion, which in my opinion is simply genius.

My favorite part of this photo is that clearly the designer was proud of his/her work.  Rather than hide the bold tile choice behind a clouded door or shower curtain, they utilized a crystal clear glass to show off their artistry.  I’m betting they were also the one to take the photo – if I were them, I’d be pretty happy with myself, too!


Star Wars Bathroom TileAnd now for the grand finale.  My picks have been getting more and more creative as they’ve gone along, but this one takes the cake.  Showing no regard for resale value (or maybe a lot of regard, depending on the buyer’s taste in movies), the owner(s) of this bathroom decided to throw caution to the wind and create a Star Wars tile masterpiece.

Featuring the lovable duo of R2D2 and C3PO, everyone’s favorite groaning, bandolier-wearing furry man, Chewbacca, and it looks like maybe Luke Skywalker or Han Solo, this tub/shower combo was clearly a labor of love for a child (or a 30-something man).  I can’t even imagine how long it took to figure out where to place each colored tile to make the design look as good as it does.  In fact, it has a pixelated retro video game look that makes it all the more appealing.  Maybe there’s a bigger market for this home than I thought!

Now that we’ve come to the end of our bathroom tile spectacular, tell me what you thought of my selections.  Are you a fan of pushing the tile boundaries or do you prefer something more traditional for a bathroom?